About Us

Our goal is to develop the lacrosse and life skills of youth and adolescent student athletes. Our teams are
coached by individuals who bring positive ideas and experiences to our youth athletes. This will provide the
players with Lacrosse exposure while also developing life skills such as teamwork and leadership. We have access
to an equipment and uniform supplier, this allows us to help our players with equipment and apparel choices.
We are more that just a Summer Tournament team. We train year round to continually improve the players skills
and build camaraderie between the players. This translates to better on field performances. Through our L.I. N.Y.
Team we have access to some of the largest college showcase tournaments available in the country. We offer
players and parents advice on the entire recruiting process. We truly are all about the players and will do anything
to help them reach their goals.



What Makes Us Different?

We work hard to improve all of our players and set a schedule that provides them with the best experience
possible. That leaves absolutely no time for politics. We have no school affiliated coaches for a reason, and our
organization is built on transparency. Youth Athletes should be able to play any sport for the love of the game
and not because they are worried about keeping a particular coach happy. If you ever have a question our
Director and Founder is easily reached, as well as our other coaches.

Same Coaches for Entire Year
Our coaching strategy differs the most from what other programs typically offer. Each of our coaches brings a
unique set of knowledge that we want to be shared with all the players in our organization. For that reason there
are at least 2 coaches, at every practice. For games, there will always be at least 2 coaches.

Beyond Lacrosse
Playing Lacrosse or any sport, especially at the club level is a privilege. We teach our players that Family and
School come first. Without those two aspects they wouldn’t have the opportunity to play Lacrosse now, or as they
get older. Part of this philosophy is remaining humble, and teaching that giving back to the greater community
and paying it forward is important.

Recruiting Help
Our philosophy is that you want to play for us because you like what you’ve read above, seen us do in practice or
games, or have heard positive things about us. That is why you’ve never seen us list the connections to colleges
that we have. Lacrosse is a very tight knit community, we have the ability to guide and help our players make
educated choices about higher level playing and education.